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Mothe Funeral Homes, LLC has been providing funeral and memorial services in Harvey, LA, for many years already. Our goal is to help make things easier for you and your family. We have various funerals and memorial service options that you choose. We also suggest pre-planning services for you to make all the advance arrangements hassle-free. At Mothe Funeral Homes, LLC, we support you overcome this challenging time. We offer our sincere condolences and promise to help in any way we can. Call us at (504) 367-3920 right away if you need our assistance.

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If you need to find an experienced and competent provider of deathcare services like a

funeral and cremation in Harvey, LA, you’ll want to learn more about Mothe Funeral Homes, LLC. The Mothe family has been working to bring comfort and support to individuals and families needing final arrangements over the last six generations. As the decades have passed, the offerings and geographic areas served have continued to expand. We are pleased to be a recognized and trusted partner for the bereaved and the dead within our industry. 

Customized Service Options for Funeral and Cremation in Harvey, LA

Death is difficult, to say the least. Thoughtful services to offer a final farewell can be meaningful and cathartic to those mourning the loss of a beloved family member or friend. These services and cares are meant to care for the final disposition of the departed. They will also support those who have survived the loss with the closure that leads to the eventual acceptance of this new reality. There are many beautiful ways to do this within various price points and formats. Here we will talk through a few ideas.

Options Surrounding Funeral Service: Choosing a funeral service does not lock you into a particular venue or absolute format. There are many ways to modernize a funeral, and they can be held in a variety of settings. These events can happen at funeral homes, churches, private residences, or cemetery, to name just a few. The most significant distinction that sets a funeral apart from other honoring ceremonies is the presence of the deceased at the event.

With a funeral service, the event (or series of events) is centered around the casketed or shrouded body of the departed individual. This detail usually means that the funeral is arranged and completed as soon as possible. The timeline can be slightly extended when the body is embalmed to preserve the remains briefly. Funerals can be planned and carried out for persons from every walk of life and religious or nonreligious background.

Memorial Services to Honor the Dead Without the Remains Present: In some cases, having the remains a prominent part of the service is not possible, practical, or wanted. In those situations, a memorial service may be offered to pay tribute to the memory of the person who has passed away. If available, it is appropriate for cremated remains to be part of a memorial service, assuming you would like them to be displayed in an urn at the event.

Direct or Complete Cremation Service: A cremation service is relatively private since the furnace chamber where the deceased remains will be incinerated is not openly viewed for safety reasons. However, many facilities can offer a viewing window so that the family might see the remains loaded into the chamber. Cremation will permanently alter the remains and cannot be reversed once completed. For this reason, all paperwork and legal considerations will need to be in order before the procedure can begin.

If cremation is wanted only to care for the remains and there will be no public honoring service, that is called a direct or simple cremation. Conversely, a complete cremation means there will be a combination of services for this person. For instance, the individual may be honored with a funeral and cremation in Harvey, LA, by first holding all of the funerary proceedings. After these events are complete, instead of having a procession to the cemetery for interment, the body will be transferred to the crematory, where the cremation procedure will be performed.

Grieving a Loss

Losing a loved one to death is unspeakably hard. There are so many emotions and stressors with a change like this. Good support seems to be a critical part of the healing process for many grieving individuals and families. Your funeral providers at Mothe Funeral Homes, LLC will be able to connect you with many valuable resources to help you learn about the elements of grief that may be considered normal and when to seek further assistance from professional support. Knowing that you are not alone can be affirming and reassuring.

One thing that can be helpful when you are missing your loved one is having a place of permanent memorial established. This becomes a place you can visit on those difficult calendar days like birthdays and anniversaries or days you feel the loss especially keenly. If you choose to use a cemetery for interment, this can be an excellent location to fill this need. If you make other arrangements for final disposition, consider having a memorial placed somewhere. It might be a tree or additional long-term planting, a bench, or a monument. Remembering them in some way can be an important healing tool.

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If you need to make death care arrangements connected to services such as a funeral and cremation in Harvey, LA, call the professionals at Mothe Funeral Homes, LLC. With many appropriate service options to meet a variety of price points and timelines, we are sure we can help make this time of anguish just a little bit easier for you and your family. 

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the Best Way to Say Goodbye to a Loved One Who Has Passed Away?

  • Funerals provide a time for loved ones to come together and say goodbye. They can also be an opportunity for people to reflect on the life of the person who has passed away. There are many different ways to say goodbye, and funeral services can be tailored to suit the needs of the family and friends of the deceased. Some people choose to have a religious service, while others choose a more secular ceremony. We suggest a celebration of life services that focuses on honoring the life of your loved one.

Can Funeral Directors Register Death in Harvey, LA?

  • Funeral directors can register a death in Harvey, LA. In order to do so, they must be registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office and have an active license. They must also have an appointment with the Registrar of Vital Statistics and complete the appropriate paperwork. The funeral directors will need the following information: the name of the deceased, the date and time of death, the cause of death, and the name and contact information of the next of kin. You can check here to know more about death certificates.

Can Funeral Expenses be Deducted from the Estate?

  • Funeral expenses can usually be deducted from the estate, but there are a few exceptions. For example, if the funeral was paid for with life insurance proceeds, then it is not tax-deductible. Additionally, if the deceased person left specific instructions in their will for how they wanted their funeral expenses to be paid, these instructions must be followed. In general, though, funeral expenses are considered tax-deductible expenses related to the administration of an estate. Check our resource page to find more useful information.