Designing Your Funeral

There are two facets of the design process. First, we ask you to consider how you wish to honor and celebrate the life. When those important decisions are made, we’ll turn to the issue of how you wish to care for the physical remains.

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How to Honor a Life

It’s about bringing those you love together, at a time of loss. It’s a natural thing to do, and over time, has become a socially-expected practice. More importantly, a funeral or memorial service, whether traditional, or contemporary, is the first step in healing.

You can have your service anywhere, and any way, you want. Your choices include the place of celebration, day of the week, and time of day; the musical selection, what prayers will be said or songs you’d like sung. We can arrange to have doves or balloons released at the close of the service. Keepsake gifts of wildflower seeds or a Life Tribute DVD can be given. We’re here to help you create the most memorable and meaningful service to honor your loved one.

Burial or Cremation?

Your next consideration focuses on choosing between burial and cremation. Usually, people are clear on this point. In fact, your loved one may have told you, or someone else, exactly how they wish to be cared for. But it can be a hard decision for some families, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never clearly stated. If that's the case, please know we're able to help you come to the perfect decision for your loved one, and for you.

Once you decide, the finer details come into focus. If you've chosen burial, then selection of the casket, vault, and desired cemetery follows. Naturally, we’re here to help you.

If cremation is your choice, then you'll need to make the next decision: whether the cremated remains will be placed in a mausoleum niche, or buried on the cemetery grounds.

In some communities, there's the option for a 'green burial.' If that's what your loved one would prefer, we'll help you select an environmentally-friendly choice.

Our Signature Services

Honoring the achievements of your loved ones and celebrating the life you shared together are the cornerstones of healing after loss.

Life Tribute DVD

Our families have the opportunity to create a truly unique and personalized memorial to their loved one. We can create a customized Life Tribute DVD of 35 or 50 photos to help celebrate their life, and then share this memorial at the viewing, funeral service, or family gathering. Simply provide the photos and let us handle the rest. It makes a wonderful keepsake for many family and friends to view and then recall their favorite stories. Each DVD comes with a personalized case and label, with the obituary printed inside the cover.

Memorial Websites

The traditional newspaper obituary is quickly being replaced by the memorial website. We’ve taken the concept further than anyone else. Our complementary memorial sites are not just a repository of family photos and videos; they’re Web 2.0 tools for connecting with family and friends, all in honor of your loved one. We invite you to take a tour, so you can see its power to celebrate connections, honor a life, and record the love you shared.

White Dove Release

A White Dove release for a funeral or memorial is one of the most loving and inspirational gifts to give to a loved one. The releasing of a white dove helps to begin the grieving process by opening the doors to "letting go" and is sure to live on in the memories of all attending the service. The trained white birds will soar into the sky, usually circling any number of times in a group before returning to their home lofts at distances up to several hundred miles.

Farewell Ride ~ Harley Motorcycle Hearse

The Mothe Motorcycle Hearse commemorates the spirit of life by creating a timeless memory for a loved one’s journey. Our beautifully detailed 19th century-style hearse is drawn by a classic Harley Davidson Road King.  This is an alternative transportation vehicle that caters to the families and loved ones of motorcycle enthusiasts, and we are excited to find that a large percentage of clients using the motorcycle hearse have never even ridden a motorcycle. The Mothe Motorcycle Hearse has become a prime choice for many Military and Police funerals and surprisingly even grandmothers due to the dignity and honor this hearse provides. 

Rendering of Military Honors

Military Funeral Honors are provided whenever possible for an eligible veteran if requested by the family. An honor guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. The honor detail will perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of Taps. *Note: The DD214 Honorable Discharge form is required.

Flag Display Cases

To assist families in the grieving process, folded flags can be memorialized in our quality wood funeral flag display cases, available in oak or cherry finishes. The Veterans Administration will provide a flag if the family has a DD214 Honorable Discharge form. Additional flags are also available for purchase.


For many, the stirring sound of bagpipes highlights the reverent and sacred nature of a funeral. Bagpipers’ skills vary considerably, and that is why we select only the very best musicians.

Funeral Balloon Release

Balloon releases are becoming more popular as a visual expression of love for the one who has passed.  This growing trend serves as a final act of tribute.  In addition, this ceremony becomes a source of comfort, inspiration and a tangible way for individuals to express themselves in saying good-bye. Releases are normally done at the end of the service to symbolize letting go of the loved one and letting the grieving process begin.  Before releasing the balloon one may give it a kiss, say a prayer, look up at the sky, or write a personal message on the balloon. When released into the air, each person will have a different experience as they let go of their balloon. That final moment of emotional bonding for the entire group young or old will assure the healing process to begin.  As the balloons are slowly drifting upward it leaves all involved with a peace and a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Tribute Blankets

Our Woven Tribute Blanket is large and impressive, yet soft to the touch. The blanket is easily hung at a viewing on a floral display rack or draped over a casket. Our photo blankets make great tribute displays for cremation memorials.  We offer these blankets with an overnight delivery option.  What makes the product unique? These blankets are unique because the image is woven into the blanket–not simply printed. Also, the size of the blanket, 4.5' x 6', means it has significant impact when first revealed to a family. They are machine-washable, non-fading, and designed to be well-used, loved, and cherished.  Much like a security blanket, these are more than just blankets: they are allies, offering families comfort and a point of stability.


Harp Music sets an atmosphere of reverence and elegance with calming tones. Our harpist has a wide selection of music to enhance any wake, service, or memorial.

Organists and Vocalists

Many families have sentimental music selections for their loved one's services. We provide the most talented male and female musicians with years of experience.

Jazz Band

Uniquely New Orleans, the funeral brass band has been a part of local culture since the early 1800’s. On the way to the cemetery, it is customary to play slowly and mournfully a “dirge,” a spiritual song, but on the return from the cemetery, they strike up a rousing “When the Saints Go Marching In” or other ragtime jazz to celebrate the life lived. The traditional New Orleans jazz funeral is as much of a part of the fabric and rich cultural traditions as red beans and


The LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the cremains of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life. LifeGem diamonds are created individually from your specific carbon source and are available in brilliant and beautiful blues, reds, greens, yellows, and now even colorless. Choose from carat sizes ranging from .25ct to over 1.5ct. The most brilliant cuts are round, princess, or radiant, but other cuts may be available and ratings can
                                                             range from VVS to I.


Create keepsakes of the people you love and the times you want to remember.  Three dimensional Thumbies are crafted from simple ink fingerprints (adults) and footprints or handprints (children) using the time honored process of lost wax casting. The finished pieces are ever so touchable, making real our memories at each stage of life's cycle. 

Thumbies are available in .925 sterling silver and 14k white or yellow gold, slightly domed print side and burnished finish for engraving on the back side in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Prayer Cards

Our fine art prayer cards are perfect for any funeral or memorial service, containing assorted religious images and the fronts are imprinted with the family member's name, date of birth, and date of death. The back side is imprinted with the 23rd Psalm ~ The Lord is My Shepherd, however custom orders can be made with the inscription of your choice. Prayer cards are offered in Catholic or Protestant and are sold in increments of 50 or 100.

Premium Guest Register Books

Our premium register books have been hand crafted to exacting standards using exceptional materials. With beautiful designs ranging from classical to contemporary, our ever expanding line of memorial register books includes full color art, finely detailed foil stamping as well as fine leather; all of which create a lasting memorial for a loved one who has passed on.

Crosses and Crucifixes

Crosses and Crucifixes are available for purchase, made of the highest quality metals.


Mothe Funeral Home has developed relationships with local, well established florists to simplify ordering floral tributes for services. Family members can order floral tributes for a private viewing, wake, funeral, visitation, or memorial services. We will handle all the details and insure that your arrangement arrives fresh, on time, and looking beautiful.

Coffee Service and Catering

Our staff will cater coffee service if desired during the wake and service at our facilities.  Please feel free to bring in finger foods of your choice. Should you need assistance ordering any sandwiches, fruit trays, etc. we will happily assist you.

Repast ~ Reception

Providing food after a funeral service is a traditional and considerate gesture, especially when people have come from out of town or the service concludes near meal time.  Eating together also provides a time of closure and fellowship, but what foods and how much is optional. We will be happy to assist you in reserving a local venue for your event.


Luxury Limousine transportation from the funeral home to service locations and back are available and can accommodate in six or eight passengers.

Police Escorts

Police escorts are available upon request. Please ask your funeral director.

Honoring the life of your loved one means you value the relationship you shared. We look forward to helping you decide how to celebrate that bond, and honor the unique individual you've lost. We can make suggestions to enhance your tribute ideas. Together we will create a fitting and memorable event. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Learn More about Honoring Your Loved One

You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We’ve got years of experience. Together, we’ll design the perfect memorial or funeral service for your loved one. If you're ready to discuss the options, or simply have questions about our services, please call us at (504) 366-4343, or send us an email inquiry.