Our Acclaimed Staff

Once you request the services of Mothe Funeral Homes, we will immediately put our experienced funeral professionals to work for you. A single, dedicated individual will stay in contact with you every step of the way and guide you through the decision-making process. He or she will carefully explain your options, make recommendations at your request, take care of all the small details, and ensure that you and your family’s personal touch is always present.

  • Boyd Mothe Sr.

    Boyd Mothe Sr.
    President, Funeral Director

    Fourth Generation

  • Boyd Mothe, Jr.

    Boyd Mothe, Jr.
    Vice President, Funeral Director / Embalmer

    Fifth Generation

  • Laurie Mothe Knowles

    Laurie Mothe Knowles
    Secretary Treasurer, Funeral Director

    Fifth Generation

  • Nicole Mothe Lawson

    Nicole Mothe Lawson
    Funeral Director

    Sixth Generation

  • Kathryn Mothe Illg

    Kathryn Mothe Illg
    Funeral Director

    Sixth Generation

  • Boyd  Mothe, III

    Boyd Mothe, III
    Funeral Director / Embalmer Intern

    Sixth Generation

  • Barry Donewar Sr.

    Barry Donewar Sr.
    General Manager, Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Kirk Mabile

    Kirk Mabile
    Assistant Manager, Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Charles Surbeck Jr.

    Charles Surbeck Jr.
    Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Whitney Surbeck

    Whitney Surbeck
    Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Jason Triyonis

    Jason Triyonis
    Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Brian Blackburn

    Brian Blackburn
    Funeral Director/Embalmer

  • Helen Osterhold

    Helen Osterhold
    Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Hernan Iriarte

    Hernan Iriarte
    Funeral Director / Embalmer

  • Elaine S. White

    Elaine S. White
    Funeral Director

  • Cherrye Barrilleaux

    Cherrye Barrilleaux

  • Sheryl  Murphy

    Sheryl Murphy

  • Arminda Tessitore

    Arminda Tessitore

  • Rodney King

    Rodney King
    Funeral Director/ Embalmer Intern

  • Mark Bullard

    Mark Bullard
    Location Manager

  • Kevin Coleman

    Kevin Coleman
    Location Manager

  • Ed Theriot

    Ed Theriot
    Location Manager

  • Melvin Lindsey

    Melvin Lindsey